Guaranteed Purity

Rest assured, the Iman Product you purchase is nothing less than Premium Quality.

Much time and effort has gone into ensuring that every bottle of Iman Virgin Black Seed Oil is of the very highest standard of Excellence. We check for every possible error in the manufacture of our product. That’s why every batch undergoes a stringent laboratory testing procedure in the UK as part of our standard policy. Please Contact Us if you have any questions. we are more than happy to assist you.

Product Safety Report

Iman Virgin Black Seed Oil is amongst the purest and finest brand of Black Seed Oil you will come across. 100% Virgin Cold Pressed Extraction. It is also Independently tested, in compliance with Annex 1, EC Regulation 1223/2009, for purity in the UK by the industry leading testing laboratory AL BIOSERVICES at their Technical Centre in Lancashire.

To view the Cosmetic Product Safety Report please click Here.

Black Seed Test Report

Iman has also independently undertaken a ‘Black Seed Test’ analysis in the UK through the industry leading testing laboratory AL BIOSERVICES at their Technical Centre in Lancashire. The results are 99% Purity.

To view the Black Seed Test Report please click Here.

First Cold Press Analysis Certificate

Iman Virgin Black Seed Oil has also been tested using ‘High Resolution Capillary Gas Chromatography’, through industry leaders GH Geochemical Services of Cheshire and was given the certificate of being a ‘pure’ Nigella Sativa first cold pressed oil.

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Iman Oil Pressing Process

Chemical Free

Expeller pressing is a chemical-free mechanical process that extracts oil from seeds. This method of oil extraction is an alternative to the hexane-extraction method used for many conventional oils. A mechanical screw press is used to press the seed through a barrel shaped cavity. The screw compresses the seeds and the oil seeps out through the openings while the debris (or meal) remains in the barrel.

Safe Temperatures

The temperature reached during pressing depends on the hardness of the seed or nut. The harder the seed or nut the more pressure required to extract the oil, which in turn creates more friction and higher heat. Iman oils are processed at temperatures less than 40 degrees Celsius; well below the standard for being officially considered cold-pressed.

Most Natural State

Delicate oils need to be treated with greater care in controlling processing factors. Iman Products carefully monitors the heat that is produced during the expelling process to ensure it remains below the standard so that the delicate quality profile of our oils is not damaged.